GNT LTD has two divisions based in the West Midlands, England. GNT Products is a British company manufacturing and distributing data equipment and accessories for NC/CNC, Paper Tape Punches and Readers, Floppy Disk Equipment and BTR for upgrading NC controls together with developing its new range of communication software for simultaneous data transfer. We also supply data equipment and accessories for Telex, Paper Tape Punches, Readers  and Communication Software/Hardware Products, ideal for linking Machine Tools DNC and other RS232 or networked devices back to a PC command station. We can also supply all paper tape, telex tape and spare parts together with offering a full service facility and installation if required GNT Computer Services provides a one-stop shop for fully integrated network solutions encompassing all aspects of a project from design to implementation. Helping you plan your network and infrastructure designs, utilising fully accredited engineers to ensure a fully compliant and warranted local or wide area system is installed. We have solutions for issues such as Internet Access Solutions, Email Systems, Remote Access, Access and Data Security, Anti-Virus protection and Internet filter and monitoring solutions. We also supply class leading hardware and software solutions for all your computing needs. "Together our aim is make your business more effective and help you manage the costs of ownership involved in an ever-changing World. Through our flexible approach to your requirements we aim to provide a complete, seamless and cost effective solution, which meets your needs." GNT Limited registered in England No: 1895522. VAT No: GB 428654332 GNT Limited Terms & Conditions - Click Here